Restaurants & Lounge Bars

“The perfect music for the perfect place”

It is always a pleasure for any musician to perform in the intimacy of a restaurant or lounge bar. Performances are close and personal where listeners enjoy great live smooth music with fine food and wine.


Restaurants require a variation of performance styles. A unique selection of up-tempo contemporary repertoire, or mellow ambient background music in Jazz, Pop and Classic styles is varied throughout the performance sets. Georgio often performs an entertaining show set, before subtly easing back to play background cabaret style. The dining experience is always pleasant!

Lounge Bars

Georgio has often collaborated and performed alongside in-house DJs. He has the ability to improvise and subtly “freestyle” over DJ selections. Performances in outdoor terrace bars during the summer and other venues across London have given Georgio the experience and ability to also gauge and collaborate with other professionals to select the perfect material for a particular venue or event.